A couple of brief words on the boys of the MBB…

Quote: “I’ve been playing guitar for 40 years and I can still make one sound just as bad as another” Truthfully, the straits might not be quite that dire. Thankfully.

Mike cites the following 3 main influences (out of a host of influences) as having the most impact on his playing style:  Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick. Jim Mesi of local legend fame. Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top.

As a diehard Les Paul & Marshall Amplification guy, BOMBASTIC would best describe Mike’s style.

When Rojer joined the MBB he was the new guy and naturally we abused him accordingly. Now he’s been with us a while, so that changed (just the new guy part, we still abuse him…).  What hasn’t changed is this: The nice thing about Rojer is; all he wants to do is play. Pretty simple really. And play he does. He’s the most excellent bass player for the Mike Branch Band and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

If Rojer can put up with continued abuse we expect he’ll be around for a long time.

The mighty Joe Fazz.  Joe stumbled upon the Mike Branch Band by way of a blind ad we ran on craigslist when we were looking for a drummer. He was foolish enough to answer it and here he is.  Joe sits on the MBB drum throne 100+ dates a year. That would give anyone a pain in the a$$. But he’s all ours and the only way out is with a toe tag on.

You may know him as Mikki Coggins, Michael Baroman-Coggins, Mike Coggins or <fill in the blank>. He is a man of many names and even more voices. But along with that, we know this… he rocks!


Mikki is the officially FNG of the MBB.  But he is more like one of those puppy dogs that kept hanging around until someone showed him the love (or a pork chop).  He was foolish enough to come back one too many times, so now we took him in. And lucky for us he is house trained (mostly).


Singin’ his butt off like only a fat man can, let us introduce you to the new singer for the MBB, Mr. Mikki Coggins.

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