A few kind words that people have said about the MBB...

Your “spam” is the best band promotion stuff on Facebook

Buck Munger
Owner, Editor in Chief, Two Louis Magazine

The Mike Branch Band totally blew the house down!!!!!

Cat McGinnis
Booking Agent

MBB IS AWESOME!!! They did an amazing job… to a packed house…

Pat Kent

Love you guys . Your shows are my favorite and so much fun . Thank you always for bringing so much fun and joy into people's lives.

Julie Monaghan

The best band for advertising is “The Mike Branch Band”. Some of you should take note.

Alan Dubois
Owner, Spot Bar & Grill

Your continued success with the Mike Branch Band is a given, no one works as hard as you do and you are the King of promotions.

Ginger Caviness
Booking Agent

What a nite. Nothing ceases to amaze me when goin to a Mike Branch show. He entertains the crowd like no other. The atmosphere was electric and we had the greatest of times.

Craig Gilbert
C&D Promotions

Mike… you are a marketing genius…

Terry Lee Stroh
Marketing Manager, Various Local PDX Bands

MBB is a promotion machine. From a promotional stand point Mike sets the bar high. If the rest of us promoted half as good things would be a lot better

Erin Bartley
Local Musician

The Mike Branch Band owned the stage when this writer entered and they alone could have carried the evening as well.

Kane Taylor
Staff Writer, Positively Entertainment & Dining

The Mike Branch Band tore up the stage with some great rock and roll. Everyone was out dancing and the festival started out on a great note! Thanks Mike!

Squaw Mountain Ranch
Nudist Resort

I have got to say that the Mike Branch band really knows how to entertain! What a great night!!

Michela Ellingson

I have to share this…. The Mike Branch band is the best ever…

Kathy Horne
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